Gallery Show-Artist Statement


We consume and are branded as consumers from the moment we come into the world. Children are the target audience of an enormous amount of advertisement, and those creating the advertisements are completely driven to influence and dominate a child’s choices and desires. Though the books, movies, television programs and product lines may be intended for children, adults are instrumental in how children receive, confront, and consider media.

These interactive sculptural installations illustrate and communicate the all-pervasive force of marketing tactics by taking marketing ploys out of context, thereby making the familiar and everyday advertisement unfamiliar and strange. The pieces are both physically and conceptually approachable so that many levels of appreciation and understanding can occur. Because I’m trying to re-appropriate images and themes found in existing advertisement, the materials used in these sculptures are mainly found, recycled, or donated.

This exhibit is designed under the impression that adults often separate themselves from Children’s Media. My hope is that the pieces in this gallery will inspire the opportunity for dialogue between adults/parents/teachers/caretakers and the young people for whom the media has been created. 


About pressplaypause

My final project at Hampshire College, formally known as a Division III, was an experiment in exhibition development, installation, and marketing research. This blog will be used as a space to document my gallery exhibition- PLAY/PAUSE: a critical conversation about consumption and childhood, and act as a repository for all of my source materials, inspiration, and research related to this topic. It is an ongoing project, and will further my own critical conversation with media and childhood.
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