Gallery Show- Brand New You!


Action figures and fashion dolls are marketed to children with an open invitation to “see yourself” in the toy. If all goes according to the marketing plan, young people will identify with the doll in the box, and will develop a sense of attachment and connection to the toy because of this identification. Now it’s your turn to really see yourself in the toy box! Become the real, brand new you!

Brand New You

Step 1: Could your outfit use an accessory? Look through the accessory trunk! 

People using Brand New You! Accessories

People using Brand New You! Accessories

Step 2:  Go into the box through the back entrance.

Step 3- Take a good look at yourself! This is, essentially, what marketing agents hope kids see when they look into toy boxes- representations of themselves. Will any person actually look like a Barbie Doll or an action figure? Do dolls and action figures have personalities? Creativity? Imagination? No, but you do! You’re YOU! 

People in Brand New You!

Step 4- After getting a chance to see the Brand New You, use the words in the baskets to describe your Brand New You identity. Try sticking them on the walls to organize your ad campaign. How would you represent your Brand New You if you were being sold in toy stores all over the world? Take some time to test out your catch phrase. 


About pressplaypause

My final project at Hampshire College, formally known as a Division III, was an experiment in exhibition development, installation, and marketing research. This blog will be used as a space to document my gallery exhibition- PLAY/PAUSE: a critical conversation about consumption and childhood, and act as a repository for all of my source materials, inspiration, and research related to this topic. It is an ongoing project, and will further my own critical conversation with media and childhood.
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