Gallery Show- Branded at Birth; Featuring Mega Baby in Paradise


Branded at Birth

We are branded as consumers from birth. Companies hope that if they can get you to start using their products as early as day one, you will become incredibly familiar with their brand and will remain loyal to them throughout your life. Advertisers want to hook people “ from cradle to grave”. While Mega Baby models the for-baby products made by companies with corresponding adult brands, her white picket paradise represents the foundation for a marketing mainstay that is sold nation-wide: the American Dream- now for sale. 

Mega BabyPeople in Branded at Birth


About pressplaypause

My final project at Hampshire College, formally known as a Division III, was an experiment in exhibition development, installation, and marketing research. This blog will be used as a space to document my gallery exhibition- PLAY/PAUSE: a critical conversation about consumption and childhood, and act as a repository for all of my source materials, inspiration, and research related to this topic. It is an ongoing project, and will further my own critical conversation with media and childhood.
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