Gallery Show- Concerning Collection


Concerning Collection

Collecting is a very intentional type of consumption. It is a hobby for some, and an obsession for others. Is it possible to be too invested in a collection? These collectables were popular in the 1960′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, and early 2000′s, but their time in the spotlight is over.

Concerning Collection

Concerning Collection

Concerning CollectionsCan you think of other has-been toy collection fads?

What about collectables that are popular now?

Do you have any collections? 

People watching Concerning Collection
Thousands of people document their collections via YouTube. 
WARNING: Some of these may be too long and too boring to watch without asking WHY? What makes these people want to collect and broadcast their outrageous collections??
Bratz Dolls:
American Girl Dolls:
Webkins Lip Gloss and Body Spritz:
BONUS VIDEOS- Not included in the original clip reel: 
(both of these videos edited by
Beanie Babies: 


About pressplaypause

My final project at Hampshire College, formally known as a Division III, was an experiment in exhibition development, installation, and marketing research. This blog will be used as a space to document my gallery exhibition- PLAY/PAUSE: a critical conversation about consumption and childhood, and act as a repository for all of my source materials, inspiration, and research related to this topic. It is an ongoing project, and will further my own critical conversation with media and childhood.
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