Gallery Show- Buy Me That!


HBO and Consumer Reports, 1990

People watching Buy Me That!

“In 1990, HBO, in a collaboration with Consumer Reports Television, aired the first of three half-hour specials about children and advertising. The programs pulled back the curtain on many of the techniques and tricks used in TV commercials. Since the programs were clearly teaching “media literacy” the programs became popular with teachers and media educators alike.  Alas, the videos are no longer available, although some libraries may still have them on the shelves. Now, here, for the first time, it is available. I have created some critical thinking questions and links to video clips so that you can teach ‘techniques of persuasion’ and more.” 

-Frank Baker, Media Educator

People watching Buy Me That!


About pressplaypause

My final project at Hampshire College, formally known as a Division III, was an experiment in exhibition development, installation, and marketing research. This blog will be used as a space to document my gallery exhibition- PLAY/PAUSE: a critical conversation about consumption and childhood, and act as a repository for all of my source materials, inspiration, and research related to this topic. It is an ongoing project, and will further my own critical conversation with media and childhood.
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